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Illustrated Collection - CVV Stickers

Illustrated Collection - CVV Stickers

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Secure your cards——the FUN way——with our adorably illustrated CVV Stickers!

Place these stickers to cover your CVV/CVC code on your credit/debit/ATM cards to keep away prying eyes. People will now see cute stickers instead of your sensitive codes at the back of your card. Now you can shop worry-free!

Each pack of stickers is beautifully designed, artist-crafted, and produced with high quality materials to pair with your cards, whether it's our original stylish illustrations or our quirky cool fan-inspired designs.

One pack contains 4 stickers of a single theme. Each individual stickers is approximately 15mm in diameter.
Works on payment terminals, ATM machines, bank card readers, transit card ticket gates, card reading machines, and more.
Pairs well with our Card Skin Stickers! (Check them out!)

Material: Waterproof matte-finished laminated sticker (not vinyl since we want the sticker to potentially tear once tampered)
*Color may slightly vary on actual product due to digital vs print color difference.
**This is not a void-type sticker that shows the word VOID when tampered. However, our CVV stickers may tear when attempted to be removed, especially the longer it has been on the card.

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